Navigating the World of Online Casino With the Best Andar Bahar App

Andar Bahar is an exciting card game that Indians have been familiar with forever. Thanks to the option of playing games online using mobile apps, Andar Bahar is now available to fans from across worldwide locations. Before you start experimenting and looking at the rules, look for the best Andar Bahar app online. Since you’ll wager money, take a few minutes to verify the credentials of the app and ensure that it has the mandatory registration and security protocols. Once you’ve got that out of the way, you’re ready to get started. 

Let’s Start With Your Gaming Apps

Before talking about the rules, let’s get you started on some of the best apps to choose from. As a rule, gambling is not permitted in India. States like Goa and Sikkim permit you to play in casinos in specific designated locations. Goa also permits gamblers on floating casinos or ships anchored off the coast. However, online gambling is not against the law. So, all you need to do is download an app from a reputable website and start playing. Here are some of your options:

  • Casino Days
  • Khelraja
  • Bluechip
  • BigBaazi
  • playSQR
  • Maharaja Fortune

Rules of Playing on the Andar Bahar App

Andar Bahar is one of the simplest card games out there and is played with a single full deck of basic playing cards. It’s primarily a game of pure luck and does not involve any special skills. Here’s how it plays out:

  1. You’ll see two boxes drawn on the Andar Bahar casino table. One is labeled Andar, and the other is marked Bahar.
  2. When the game starts off, the dealer shuffles the cards and picks out a card from the deck.
  3. He places this card in the center as the “Joker.”
  4. Your objective is to predict which box, Andar or Bahar, will land the next Joker.
  5. Accordingly, you’ll place a bet on either of the two options. That’s the 1st bet of the round.
  6. Once all the players are done with their wagers, the dealer calls, “No More Bets!”
  7. Now he starts placing cards on both boxes alternately. He starts with one card on the Bahar box and follows through with a second card on the Andar box.
  8. If the Joker appears at this stage, players betting on Bahar win the even wagering amount
  9. After one card has been placed on both boxes, the dealer calls, “Second Bet!” That is if the Joker does not appear.
  10. Players have the option to wager a second time. They can place bets on the Andar option or Bahar option. You can place your second bet on either option. Or, choose to refrain from betting.
  11. Once the bets are made, the dealer once again calls, “No More Bets!” Next, he continues drawing one card at a time from the deck and placing them alternately on either section. This process continues until the Joker card appears.
  12. If the first card in the 2nd bet is a Joker, the 2nd betting players earn 25% of their stake. But players with the 1st bet win even money. 
  13. The game ends then and there. But, if the Joker does not appear, it continues.
  14. Let’s assume the Joker card appears and lands on the Andar stack. All the players who have bet on Andar receive even money. But, the players betting on Bahar lose and don’t receive anything. The losses go back to the house. 
  15. The Super Bahar bet is yet another option for players. If you choose this option, you can place your wagers on the Super Bahar box during the 1st bet or the 2nd bet. 
  16. If this is your stake and the first card drawn is the Joker, you’ll win 11 times the original money you wagered. 

Some Added Tips for First-Time Players

On registering on a casino platform of your choice and downloading the best Andar Bahar app, you’ll receive a bunch of bonuses. Depending on the platform, you could avail of a Welcome bonus that is deposited into your account to get you started. Some apps may offer you a 100% equivalent of your initial deposit amount. Also, look for websites offering you free bets and the option to win daily bets. 

Although the basic rules of the game apply here, you can also look for exciting variations and bets designed to enhance the entertainment aspect. Make sure to understand how the bets work before wagering your money. Payouts are typically seamless, and you should see the money ready for withdrawal with a click of a button. 

Downloading the best Andar Bahar app on your mobile phone allows you to play this interesting card game on the go. Get ready to wager money and walk away with exciting wins. 

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