What are the Most Common Air Conditioner Spare Parts Prone to Break?

Everyone needs a perfectly cooled home, especially during the hot and humid summer days. You will be frustrated when the air conditioner is not working fine. But wait, did you purchase your ac? How could it break so early? It is because several air conditioner spare parts are prone to breakage. Let us discover!

 Common air conditioner problems with AC

 The most common problem with the best 1-ton 5-star AC is a dirty filter. During the off-season, when ac is not in use, dust particles can accumulate on the filter. These particles block the holes in the filter and do not allow air to pass through the evaporation coil. Whatever air that passes is contaminated by dust.

 Other common issues with air conditioner spare parts include inappropriate installation, incorrect maintenance procedures, and improper maintenance.  Improper installation of central air conditioners can lead to duct leaks and poor airflow. Often the refrigerant quantity needs to match the manufacturer’s specifications. If the technician cannot load the correct refrigerant during installation, the unit’s performance and efficiency will get degraded. Hiring unqualified technicians can make the problem adverse. Therefore, we advise you to call technicians from the company where you purchased the AC conditioner.


What are the most common air conditioner spare parts prone to failure?

 Some parts of the air conditioner are prone to failure, like the ones below.


  • Motor fan

 There are two fans in your best 1-ton 5-star AC. One blows the indoor hot air to the evaporator coil to cool it, while the other fan blows air to the condenser to remove the heat. The failure of these two fans causes poor air circulation. You may feel that your ac needs to be cooling the room better. Pay attention to this issue, as it may lead to condenser failure.


  • Air filter

 Air filter to the ac is what lungs are to human beings. They filter the air before it enters the unit. They also filter the cool air before sending it to the room. A dirty filter can irritate your nostrils and may lead to a cough. Dirty filters can have adverse effects on asthma patients. Clean the filters more often to keep their efficiency up to pace. Also, you should change these air conditioner spare parts if you have pets at home.


  • Leaking pipes

 The best 1-ton 5-star AC ducts run through your walls, bringing cool air throughout your space. Any leaks in the pipes lead to air wastage, causing the ac to work harder. It slows down the rate at which the ac cools the room and raises the electricity bill.


 The Compressor is one of the most expensive air conditioner spare parts. It is also the most-working part of the unit, hence more prone to damage. It is always on when the unit functions and demands the highest servicing. Some reasons for condenser failure are dirty pipes, leaking ducts, and blocked refrigerant lines. All these put extra load on the Compressor and can cause poor or no functioning.

 Capacitors and conductors

 Capacitors and conductors carry the most current in the electrical circuit inside the best 1 ton 5 star AC. They can easily get hot due to high current flow. The high temperature in summer can further increase their degree of hotness, causing them to fail. The size of the unit or quality cannot nullify this effect. But don’t worry. These components are inexpensive and can be repaired easily.



 What is the most expensive air conditioner spare part to replace?

 Compressors are one of the most expensive air conditioner spare parts to replace. It is considered the most vital part of the system. A compressor circulates the refrigerant throughout the system and cools the room. Thus, if it breaks down, the entire unit will stop working. Hence it is the costliest to replace.

 How to take care of your AC?

 Check the air conditioner spare parts at least once at the beginning of the summer season.

  • If you hear bizarre sounds from the ac unit, call a technician to check
  • Service the air conditioner well before the summer season begins.
  • At the end of the fall, service the AC unit again and pack it well.
  • Replace or clean the filters regularly. It will ensure fresh air enters your room and does not irritate your nostrils.
  • Air conditioner wholesalers sell a “fin comb” tool to return those fins to near-original condition.
  • When you say goodbye to your ac for this season, cover well to reduce dust accumulation.


 AC is an electronic device that can fail anytime. Air conditioner spare parts are prone to breakage and damage. However, with regular checks and maintenance, you can increase its life by several years!

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