Use the Statistics to Play Aviatorgameonline in India

How to Check Statistics at Aviatorgameonline? 

If you want to play Aviator game in India, then the information we have collected will be useful for you. This page not only contains information about gameplay, we also detail the importance of statistics in this game. Many online casino players use it to prepare strategies and hunt for big odds. Let’s find out how promising it is.

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Aviatorgameonline — How it Works 

The game mechanics of Aviator are very simple. As each round begins, a red airplane starts taking off from the bottom left corner. It moves diagonally to the right, soaring higher and higher with each second. The airplane leaves a red curve behind it, above which you can see the multiplier increasing every second. Your bet will be multiplied by it, if you manage to press the Cash Out button. As you can understand, the higher the odds, the higher the winnings, but be attentive! At any moment the airplane can fly away and you will lose money. It is impossible to predict the moment when the plane will fly away and the round will end. It is determined by the work of the Random Number Generator. You can check the fairness of the result with the help of Provably Fair technology. 

Aviatorgameonline participants have the opportunity to place one or two bets before the start of the round. Bets can also be placed for a future round if you have no active bets while the plane is still flying. 

Players can activate the Auto Play and Auto Cash Out options. The former allows you to set the amount by which the system will automatically place a bet for you. To use the second option, write the odds at the appearance of which on the screen the system will automatically withdraw your winnings. If you wish, you can activate the Auto Cash Out feature for both bets, or only for one, and control the second one yourself. 


One of the most useful features of the game in Aviatorgameonline is statistics. The corresponding blocks called ‘All Bets’, ‘My Bets’, ‘Top’ are located in the menu on the left side of the game screen. 

Going to the ‘All Bets’ tab, you can see what bets other participants of the game have made in this round: 

  • Thus, the ‘All Bets’ tab shows the total number of bets;
  • The encrypted name of the player;
  • The amount of the bet made by the player;
  • The odds at which he withdrew the winnings (if this has already happened);
  • The winnings the player has received (if he or she has already clicked the Cash Out button). 

In the same tab, players can click on the Previous Hand button to see the results of the previous round. 

In the ‘My Bets’ tab you can track your betting history. You can view: 

  • Bet time;
  • Bet size;
  • Winning odds;
  • Winning amount. 

Also, in this tab you can copy the bet result to share it in Live Chat with other players. Additionally, clicking on the shield image will open a screen with information to check the fairness of the result. Each participant can check the fairness of the game outcome using the Provably Fair technology. 

As for the ‘Top’ tab, it provides information about the participants’ biggest winnings for the day, month and year: 

  • Date of the winning bet;
  • Bet size;
  • Winning odds;
  • Size of winnings. 

You can also check the fairness of the result and copy the bet data to the Live Chat. 

Live Chat 

Aviatorgameonline is rightfully considered one of the first casino games in which an element of socialization was integrated. This means that thousands of other players are playing with you at the same time. You are not competitors. Each of you is trying to bait your luck and win money. With the help of Live Chat, they can share their successes and failures. This option is suitable to share a useful strategy or ask advice from experienced players. And all this is completely free of charge. 

Demo Mode 

Another undoubted advantage of Aviatorgameonline is the possibility to enjoy this game in demo mode for as long as you like. This option is characterized by the following advantages: 

  • Gameplay that is 100% identical to the gameplay of the paid version;
  • The opportunity to familiarize yourself with the rules and understand the nuances;
  • The opportunity to practice strategies for later use when playing on Rupees;
  • You want to play Aviator, but you do not want to risk money. 

The only disadvantage of the demo version is the lack of opportunity to win real money. 

Tips for Newbies 

Aviatorgameonline is a game with great gameplay, but for beginners it carries certain risks. We suggest you use a few useful tips. They will improve the quality of your gaming activities: 

  • Use the demo mode for as long as you need time to figure out the nuances of the game;
  • Form a budget for the game and use only it without adding extra money;
  • Use statistics to monitor your wins and losses;
  • Communicate in Live Chat to get advice from experienced players;
  • Try to withdraw money at low odds. Let the winnings be small, but the risks will also be low;
  • Do not play for several hours in a row, otherwise you will get tired and start making rash decisions. 

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in these tips. Play in Aviatorgameonline responsibly. 

Advantages and Disadvantages 

In conclusion, we want to present the key advantages and disadvantages of playing Aviatorgameonline in India. We are sure that it will help you to understand whether this one is suitable for you to play for real money. 


  • Dynamic, catchy gameplay;
  • Very simple rules;
  • Guaranteed fairness of results, thanks to Provably Fair technology;
  • The option to make two bets in one round;
  • Potential for big wins;
  • Auto Play and Auto Cash Out features;
  • Live Chat allows you to communicate with other players;
  • Availability of a section with statistics;
  • Ability to play in demo mode. 


  • Slightly monotonous gameplay due to the lack of a plot;
  • Risks of quickly losing the budget, because each round lasts a few seconds. 

Most Common Questions 

Will Statistics Help When Using Strategies to Play Aviator Game? 

Players who use strategies to play Aviator often apply statistics. Say, they believe that if for a long time there were no big odds, then you can calculate when it will appear. But remember that no strategy is a guarantee of winning. 

Can I Check the Statistics of Previous Rounds at Aviatorgameonline

Yes, the statistics are presented in a special tab in the menu. You will easily notice it. 

How to Play an Aviator Game Using the Statistics? 

Statistics are not required to play Aviator. The developer Spribe suggests viewing it because there are players who use strategies in their gambling activities. In our opinion, statistics are more useful for people who want to control their gambling budget.

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