Managing muscle pain the Ayurvedic way

You must have experienced discomfort in your muscles at some point. Well, muscle pain or aches are quite common. Since there is muscle tissue in most of the parts of your body, you can feel this type of pain anywhere. Hence, you must start consuming an ayurvedic medicine for joint and muscle pain like the GT capsule. 

But what makes Ayurveda more effective? Well, Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicines are methods of treatment used centuries ago and promote good health. You can ensure that Ayurveda will provide you with instant relief from your aches and pain. To know how to manage it, you can read further and learn about it. But before that, you can learn what causes muscle pain. how much is testosterone therapy

What are the causes of muscle pain?

The common causes of muscle pain include dystonia, COVID-19, influenza, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, sprains, lupus, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, etc. The other causes are tension, physical activity, and stress.

How to manage muscle pain with Ayurveda?

Many of them resort to painkillers when they have muscle pain. But it can only provide temporary relief. Also, you must not take painkillers every day as they can cause adverse effects on your health. With the help of Ayurvedic medicines, you can ensure healing and relief from muscle pain. So, to know how to manage the pain, you can read further and learn about it.

1. Abhyanga: In Ayurveda, Abhyanga is very popular and focuses on maintaining health with a massage. This massage is done with the help of warm oil. The oil must be applied to your entire body, starting from the scalp to the sores of your feet. 

This oil must be combined with massage strokes for your overall well-being and health. Your massage therapist can perform the massage with oil, or you can opt for a self-massage. Well, it depends upon your choice entirely. 

Applying Abhayanga reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. As per a 2011 study, researchers found out that the heart rate and the stress level decreased after the massage. In addition to this, the patients with hypertension had lowered their blood pressure. 

When it comes to skin health, this Ayurvedic oil can improve immensely. Also, it can improve ankle joint flexibility and reduce muscle stiffness.

  2. Myaxyl oil: Myaxyl oil helps manage joint pain since it is the best and helpful Ayurvedic pain relief oil. With the help of Myaxyl oil, you can ensure that your joints and muscles will be strengthened. To add further, it is useful for many chronic pain sufferers, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout. 

You will also improve back pain, severe knee pain, and blood circulation. Some of the ingredients in Myaxyl oil comprise Tila Taila, Rasna, Devadaru, Nilgiri Taila, and Nandi Vriksha. Most of these ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties and help in managing joint pain effectively. 

You must apply this oil in only the affected areas of inflammation and pain. Make sure that you take 5 to 10 ml and massage it gently on that area. It is recommended not to rub strenuously. In case of doubts, you can immediately consult your Ayurvedic specialist.

3. Ayurvedic medicines and herbs: GT capsule Ayurvedic medicine uses include treating bone-related problems like osteoporosis and skin diseases. You can purchase this Ayurvedic medicine for joint and muscle pain

There are other medicines, which you can find in various online stores. Some of the Ayurvedic herbs include Guggulu, ashwagandha, nirgundi, and so on. Guggulu helps alleviate muscle pain and treats fractured bones. 

Ashwagandha not only helps reduce inflammation but also improves muscle strength. Nirgundi has properties to relieve pain and treat neurological and rheumatic pains.

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