How to Win Blackjack Online Casino Betting: Tips and Hacks

Beyond all doubts, Blackjack is one of India’s most popular online casino betting games worldwide. It is frustrating to lose at any game, and Blackjack is no different, so everyone wants to find the best way to win at Blackjack, and with the right strategy, it should not be that difficult. The best strategy to win at Blackjack would be following the basics and adding a few extra hacks. This game can also be fun to play, especially when you stay on the winning side using some of the basic and easy tips and hacks.

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  • Always try to pay attention:

The first most basic, and helpful strategy would be nothing but paying attention to your game, and there is no surprise here. Blackjack is a game of strategy, logic, and mathematics. Just like you have to pay attention while doing your math homework, there is no exception in this game as well because, in the long run, you cannot defy the odds if you do not pay attention. All the experienced players and mathematicians will give you the same advice. It is difficult to defy the game’s odds in the long run or high level, but keeping track of a streak of good or bad cards is possible. Compare it with a regular coin. Now, if you were to flip the coin 20 times, the streaks of heads and tails would be there. Here, your crucial task will be to look for patterns that can help you try to predict the streaks and know when they are happening.

  • You should never split tens:

This is one of the fundamental Blackjack tips to win the game in the long run. The first and obvious strategy will be to get more cash on the table, especially when you can sense the dealer is not strong enough, and you can add more chips. One way would be to split the tens when you have a pair.

Amateur gamers will be attracted to split tens most of the time as it is a possibility, and also because they might make a blackjack or at least get hold of two high finishing hands. Although that’s a good probability, and you can have twice the amount of funds on the table, but still you should never split tens.

If you already have a strong hand on the card, 20, then why take more risk to lose it all if the dealer suddenly gets lucky? So even if the dealer has a weak card, you should never split tens. There might be chances of you winning already, so keep it at its best.

  • Learn about the table:

There are many online casinos available that offer different variants of the online Blackjack game. Always pay attention to the table as they can give a lot of information about the game itself, eventually leading you to make successful decisions. For example, a Blackjack table of 3-2 will be more beneficial for you in the long run than a table of 6-5. Also, if a table requires the dealer to hit a soft 17, it will eventually make more amount for the casino and not leave much for you. On the other hand, if another variant of Blackjack allows you to give up a poor hand against a dealer’s more power-up card, eventually, it would be better for you.

Also, one of the best tips would be to pick the game tables that use as few card decks as possible. It will be best to play Blackjack games with single card decks if available, although nowadays, it is extremely rare to find single card deck games.

  • Always bet within your budget:

We know it is not a master trick or hack, but this is essential advice. No matter what game you play or where you spend, always keep an eye on your bankroll or bet on what you can afford. Don’t spend 50% of your Blackjack budget on a single hand. No matter how great you play and strategize the game, in the end, there will be some share of luck in the game too, so it would be best to be wise in spending your resources in the game.

  • Avoid taking insurance:

Some Blackjack tables offer you insurance to bet if the dealer is an ace. The catch is that this bet will balance your losses if the dealer makes a blackjack. Although it sounds like a great deal, it is not in the long run. This is because the odds of the dealer making a Blackjack never justify the price you have to pay and the return of the insurance.


These are some of the tips and hacks for playing the online casino betting game ‘Blackjack’. Maybe, there are many more tips and tricks, but the most important tip is to understand the game’s basics, keeping the odds and cautions in mind.


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