Poker sequences that can make you win big

Poker is a card game and as a player, you will be able to see that it is the cards that regulate the game. If you understand the values and scoring of the cards it becomes easier to strategize the game. The set of five cards that are given to each player to carry forward the game is known as poker hand or poker sequence.

Poker sequences are given a certain name according to the combination of cards they have and that becomes the reason for winning or losing the game. There are several poker sequences like royal flush, straight, etc., that can decide the destiny of the game. You can make a winning poker hand by using community cards as well. Community cards are the cards which are left after distribution. Those are used by all players whenever there is a need.

Until you make a poker hand with a combination of the best cards, it is dicey to win the game. To make a winning poker hand you will have to see some of the highest-ranking cards. Let us see some of the poker sequences that can make you win the game.

1. Royal Flush

Royal Flush is the utmost level in the poker hands, you can see some of the best cards in this hand. This poker hand includes kings, queens, and aces. There is no other hand that can beat royal flush from winning the pot.

2. Flush

What makes flush different from royal flush is the combination and ranking of cards. This poker hand has five cards of successive values in the same suit. It frequently occurs and there is not anything rare in this poker hand.

3. Straight

When you have five consecutive cards like 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 of a suit that is a straight poker hand. What makes this poker hand different is numeral ordering. The consecutive numbers of the cards.

4. Four of a kind

A poker hand which has four cards of the same rank is known as four of a kind. The fifth card is anything and this poker hand is also known as quads. The only way to beat this poker sequence is to have a straight flush or a royal flush.

5. Full House

Full house poker sequence has three cards of the same rank as three kings. This poker hand is also known as three of a kind; the other two cards can be of any rank. This poker hand is somewhat similar to four of a kind.

6. Two Pair

Two pair poker hand is a poker hand that has two pairs of different ranks and two cards of equal rank. In the game, the better higher pair wins the pot. If there will be two pair of the same cards it will be four of a kind.

The Bottom Line

As the sequence mentioned, a royal flush is the best poker hand that can make you win the pot. Even if you do not have a royal flush, you can make one by using community cards. To make your poker game better you can start playing it online on Pocket52.  

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