Hot trends: The most popular sports that gained popularity in 2023

Popular sports in 2023

Sport plays a massive role in our lives, benefiting our physical health and spiritual and emotional well-being. It allows us to strengthen our bodies, improve our mood and keep fit. Many different sports in the world are prevalent among sports fans. Our team has researched and compiled a list of the most popular sports in the world that inspire millions of people to be active and achieve.

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Marketers’ research shows another ranking of popular sports, in which soccer also takes the lead, followed by volleyball, basketball, boxing and wrestling.


Golf, one of the most popular sports worldwide, attracts a massive audience of approximately 450 million viewers, securing its place in the top 10. This game is uniquely appealing as it can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages, irrespective of their physical fitness levels. The rules of golf may vary across different countries, adding an element of diversity to the sport. Mastering the art of golf demands precision, accuracy, and sound judgment, making it a mentally challenging endeavour. Japan, South Korea, the United States, and the United Kingdom are renowned for their avid golfing communities and exceptional courses. However, it is worth noting that golf can be quite an expensive sport, given the need for specialized equipment, high-quality tools, and access to well-maintained grassy courses.


Rugby is among the most popular sports, characterized by many movements and sharp character. The following requirements are imposed on the player: endurance, physical strength, moral stability and quick reaction. The game is played in 80 minutes and consists of two halves of 40 minutes each. It means passing the ball to each other teammate with hands and feet until it ends up in the opponent’s goal. The number of spectators exceeds 475 million worldwide.


Baseball has 500 million fans from all over the world. The game was formed back in the 19th century in the United States. Especially baseball is in demand in the United States, Canada and Cuba. The rules resemble cricket. The game’s meaning is as follows: one team is attacking, and the second team must hit the ball with a bat. While the ball is in flight, participants change teams. The defending team must grab and throw the ball at the moving participant.


Basketball is a trendy sport with a worldwide fan base, reaching around 825 million people. The sport is modern in various countries, including Argentina, Greece, France and Italy, where professional leagues attract a massive interest of spectators. According to experts, basketball is rapidly expanding its geography and gaining popularity. Although the game was formed in the United States, it quickly crossed the country’s borders and gained favour on different continents. Success in basketball requires height and the development of endurance and strength that help players excel on the court. 

Table tennis

Table tennis, also known as ping pong, is a trendy Olympic sport that originated in the late 19th century. With a staggering 875 million fans worldwide, it has gained tremendous global recognition. The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) boasts a membership of 225 countries, highlighting the widespread appeal of this dynamic game. Asian nations particularly embrace table tennis, with over 5.5 million individuals actively participating professionally. The competition aims to skillfully strike the ball using a racket to clear the net and land it on the opponent’s side of the table. Success in table tennis requires swift reflexes, keen concentration, and attentiveness to outmaneuver the opponent’s strategies.


Volleyball is among the popular sports of 2021. It was invented in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. Previously, the game was played only indoors in a gymnasium, and later its variant – beach volleyball – appeared. There are more than 220 national volleyball organizations in the world. The number of fans of the game reaches 900 million people. The game is most prevalent in Brazil, Thailand, Poland, Turkey and China. The point of volleyball is to throw the ball to the opponent’s half of the territory through the net. 


Tennis is known for many athletes with legendary names, and the number of fans has already exceeded 1 billion. The game can be played on different surfaces: ground, grass, carpet, and special court. Big tennis is more spectacular than table tennis. Also, the game requires high endurance and good physical preparation. The Grand Slam tournaments are most appreciated, where the winnings amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Hockey is a winter sport. It is widely demanded in the United States, Sweden, Canada and Finland. The number of fans equals 2 billion. The task of the game is that two teams try to throw as many pucks as possible into the opponent’s goal with the help of sticks. Required skills: high physical fitness, endurance and team spirit.


Cricket has over 2.5 billion fans worldwide and is among the top 10 popular sports. It is most appreciated in Australia, India, England, and New Zealand—two teams of 11 try to earn the maximum points. One team serves once each, and the other team kicks back.


Soccer is the most popular sport globally, with over 4 billion fans. The game is most prevalent in European countries. Soccer championships bring together millions of people around the world. The game is broadcast in 214 countries. Therefore, it is not surprising that soccer players are the highest-paid athletes.

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