Vote of Thanks Speech


vote of thanks speech

A vote of thanks speech is an official speech in which the speaker formally greets someone or a group of people for doing something, usually with the host, organizer or participants to thank, as well as attending the ceremony The people gathered, that is, the chief guest, the president, the teacher. And the audience!

It is an important part of every event or ceremony; It dramatically affects function and expresses it in a more effective way.

For the first time speaker, it is a bit difficult, and sometimes they get nervous about speech; Here we will learn to give a successful thank you speech.

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Vote of thanks speech in school

A warm and cherished morning to our most valued honorable chief guest Mr./Ms .. .., management committee, qualified teachers, parents, my dear friends, and everyone. It is my privilege to propose a vote of thanks and acknowledge the contribution of those who worked hard to make this annual day celebration really difficult.

Thanks to Almighty

On behalf of I (Speaker Name), ……. School Name ……, and the entire fraternity of the Institute, first of all, my sincere thanks to Almighty God for making today’s event a grand success. By his blessings and grace, we are able to make the event what it was.

Thanks to other dignitaries
On behalf of my school, I give a really heartfelt vote of thanks to our chief guest (… guest name), who spent his busiest time gracing the occasion. Today we had the opportunity to hear your thoughts and this is definitely encouraging us in our future events.

Your thoughts have enlightened our minds and shown us a new path. Thanks to all the speakers for adorning the occasion and sharing their opinions today.

Thanks to All School Staff

I am very grateful to Master ………… for my efforts towards today’s anchoring. The elegance of my own thoughts and interpretation of everything, I need to mention my deep sense of appreciation. I thank all the staff within the organization of this festival event.

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This type of incident cannot happen overnight. The wheels start moving about a week ago. The wheels start moving about a week ago. It requires planning and bird’s eye for details. We have been fortunate to be supported by a team of very active and dedicated employees of our organization, who are well-versed in their jobs.

I lack words for their participation and their willingness to complete tasks beyond their comfort zones.

A special mention to our venerable Principal Mr./Ms. Being the catalyst that inspired us to do our best and stand as a pillar of power. With deep sense of appreciation, we thank our loving teachers for their untiring efforts.

I also want to thank the people who worked behind the scene to execute this event, our technical arrangement team, the stage setting, and the lighting team all musicians and the housekeeping staff.

Thank you parents and kids
Our sincere gratitude goes out to all parents and well wishers for your rock-solid support system and encouragement. Without your support the children were not able to excel. Thank you very much for joining this event.

Finally, I would like to thank my budding rock stars who made this event happy with their impressive performance. The hard work of your days was evident in your acts. All the events were very good and each of us present here enjoyed it.

Vote of Thanks Examples

Vote of thanks examples and a brief example of thank you on a special occasion How to write an expression is proposed in the form of talking to the chairman of a committee at a conference, ceremony or meeting, or material for wedding planner courses Can serve as:

DR, How to write a vote of thanks? In short, there are two major guidelines for the proposer:

The first is refer to the central message of the speech topics of the lectures or presentations given by the previous public speaker(s). Emphasize only positive statements, ideas and thoughts of the keynote speaker(s). Consider my Sample Vote of Thanks Speech as a frame structure, a speech format outline, and transform the 18 different votes of thanks samples to your occasion.


Honorable [Name], Respected [Name], Mr. Chairman, our most valuable invited guests, ladies and gentlemen! It is my privilege to offer thanks on this occasion.

I, [the name of the organization of the event], and the entire [other support / sponsoring organization, team, crew, even like special guests of the audience if you wish], I should call it a fraternity of [area of ​​interest]. Thank you so much to all the speakers here for completing their important work together and sharing your findings and opinions with me today!


If there are more speakers, consider these vote of thanks:

I should mention the deep meaning of his appreciation for [name speaker], his explanation of [speech topic] for him. [See again …]

In addition, we are grateful to [the speaker] for his performance of his [speech topic]. [View and Reply …]

I would like to express our sincere thanks to [Name], for giving excellent coverage to [his] or his speech idea. [Refer to…].

I would like to express my gratitude to [Name], for providing encouragement on [speech topics]. [View].

I am also very grateful to [Name] for analyzing her [/ that point] that has hit you the most].

And, we would like to acknowledge our gratitude to [name] for exposing his theory of [speech subject].

We are all inspired by your great words!


Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to record my heartfelt thanks for [name], for the right logistic support and guidance for [work] /, He has extended this opportunity for all of us.

I also thank [name], [ceremony] and [name], [ceremony] for their heavy cooperation in the organization of this program.

Variation in language when using these vote of thanks.

Well, Mr Chairman, ladies and gentlemen, such an event cannot happen overnight. Wheels start rolling around a week ago. It requires planning and a bird’s eye for details. We have been fortunate enough to be supported by a team of very motivated and dedicated colleagues from [institute, organization] who know their jobs and are results-oriented.

I cannot thank everyone for their participation and their willingness to complete tasks beyond their comfort zone! Until your pace is correct, beware of these examples of thanks.

More sample vote of the thanks speech input. Think about the people who are responsible for:

  • Invitations
  • Technical arrangements catering
  • The presses and media contacts
  • Et Cetera
  • Stage-setting and lighting
  • Musicians


Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen, once again I would like to say that we all are most grateful to all the speakers on this forum. We thank you for being with us this evening – it is a great pleasure.

Thank You Very Much!

Vote Of Thanks Speech For Farewell

Now, in this article, we are giving you a sample vote of thanks speech for the farewell party which is given by juniors to their superiors. In addition, this article contains a vote of thanks script for the farewell party given by a senior that you can refer to for the preparation of your script. Here we have taken the College Farewell Party for Seniors, organized by Juniors as an example. You can modify this script as per your event and requirement. This vote of thanks, speech can also be used for the farewell party held at the school. How to make your vote of thanks before going ahead. Don’t worry, we got you here. Here is the format of the Vote of Thanks script. It is recommended that you should first have a look at the format before going further.

Vote of thanks for the college Farewell Party from Juniors

Good evening everyone, teacher and my dear friend, especially our wonderful seniors. I feel honoured and proud to have the opportunity to present a vote of thanks on this special day.

Every special moment ends, and this occasion is no exception. We participate in the journey of life. Today you will take home the memories of the best time spent in this college. I hope you guys will cherish all the memories that you have made here over the years. It is fun during lectures to cut Chi and those long chats in the canteen, during those wonderful teachers and those monsoon trips. Wow! Who knew that every moment we spend here, we were making these memories. Soon we will start walking our way along our journey, so let’s take this moment and make it worth remembering.

I would like to thank all our seniors for being here and to increase the pride of this farewell party with your presence. You guys are looking fabulous with those blazers and dress. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to make your last moments in this college memorable for a lifetime.
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Vote of Thanks Speech On Teachers Day

Teachers are the ideals of the younger generation, they affect the heart of every child and they continue to influence us for eternity in the days to come”

Dear esteemed teacher, our guide stars and congratulations to all of you budding from our loving student community.

We feel that on this day it is our pride and honor to thank all our alma mater, who we are.

Our first thanks go to our dear and respected Principal Shri ………………who are all sources of inspiration and who always keep in mind the future and face all Guide us to prepare for it. Life’s challenges in a more positive way.

We thank our Vice-Principal for his continued guidance, although all are out throughout the year for various programs. His loving encouragement assures us to always believe in things, thanks sir, life and affection for you.

After this, heartfelt thanks go to all our teachers who are our other parents who always stand by us, guide us, lead us and inspire us, dear teachers, we feel proud and your Thank you for being a role model and making us feel happy with you. Attendance at this ceremony. Your presence made us feel proud, thank you dear teachers.

We promise that the Teacher’s Day Celebration which was organized by all of us senior students taught us how to be a responsible child along with teamwork. Our sincere thanks to all our friends, who put a lot of effort into making the grand ceremony a success, a big thank you to all our friends.

The essence of fruits is always tested in the last and we believe that the last will be the best. We would like to thank all our students for working with us in making this Teacher’s Day a memorable one for all.

Vote of Thanks speech on Teacher’s Day

Hierarchy of Education Setup for Giving Vote of Thanks

  1. Founder of Institution
  2. Head
  3. Directors/ Vice President
  4. Head of The Department
  5. Faculties
  6. Students
  7. Press People
  8. Office- Administration
  9. Non Teaching Faculties
  10. All others (Organizer, Electrician, Caterer, back Stage Staff, Musician, Photographer, Choreographer, Volunteer etc.)

Honorable Mr…………….., Respected Shri………………………,  Chairman Sir and our most valued invited guest, ladies and gentlemen. I am felling very proud to have been asked to propose a vote of thanks speech on this occasion.

I extend a very hearty vote of thanks to all speakers for gracing your important work and sharing with us your finding and opinions today.

A big ‘Thank You’ to Sh. ……………. Student of …………….Branch for his efforts toward special day poem.

I must mention our deep sense of appreciation for Miss………………Student of …………..Branch for her nice spontaneous thought on teachers.

Also with to express my heartfelt gratitude to today’s eminent speaker Mr………….for providing encouragement on this day to all staff and student.  You have created good spark and gave new insight to think teachers differently is really noteworthy and amazing.

We are all inspired by your great words!

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to place on record our hearty thanks to our principal sir for the perfect ligistic support and guidance he has extended to all of us.

Well, an event like this cannot happen overnight. The wheels start rolling weeks ago. It requires  a birds eye and a planning for details. We have been fortunate enough to be backed up by a team of very motivated and dedicated colleagues of this institute who know their job and are result oriented.

I cannot thank everyone enough  for their hard work to the completion of tasks beyond their comfort zones!

At the end I express my thanks to all on the stage & off the stage staff to make this a grand event.

Vote of thanks speech on Start New Project/Thing in School and College.

Honourable dignitaries, distinguished guest,  respected Director Sir and dear participants on behalf of …………………………(Name of Institute)  and its entire fraternity I feel immense pleasure to propose a vote of thanks.

I want to express my sincere gratitude Dr. ……………(Dean, Department, Institute) , who spared precious time from his busy schedule to grace this occasion and enlighten all of us with innovative ideas on how to make the online Classes interesting for students in present times.

Sir, rightly stressed and talked about man’s innate capacity to adopt and invent new strategies to overcome challenges which is very much required in the present time of pandemic.

Thank you so much sir.

I would further extend the hearty thanks to ………………..President……………for his thought provoking insight on the role of parents in assisting the children in developing creative skills through activities, Sir rightly stressed divergent thinking can be developed at any state in the learning process.

I would take this opportunity to express my deep regards to our Principal Mam…………….for being a constant motivator and guiding force in all our endeavors to excel in the field of education.

I would especially thanks our Director……………….for his unfaltering support and confidence in us. He is the backbone of our institution and the guiding force for every new step forward.

Me deep sense of thanks and appreciation goes to all the participants who were attended this webinar with great enthusiasm made today’s event a great success.

Last but not the least let me thanks Mr. ……………for his technical support.  In the end thank you all for being with us today have a wonderful day ahead.

Most powerful speech on Independence day for Kids and others.
How do you say vote of Thanks?

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