Unwind Stress At Home By Playing These Free Android Games

It can be easy to get burnt out in today’s fast-paced world. Between our personal lives and our crazy jobs, sometimes you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to roll back and unwind. That’s where these fantastic apps come into play! Whether you’re looking for a simple stress-reliever or something that will help you escape reality for a little while, there is bound to be something here that piques your interest. So excuse yourself for a sec (or an hour), put your feet up, plug in your headphones and enjoy!

Here are some of the best free Android games to unwind stress at home.

Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks is an amazingly well-thought-out game. It’s both beautiful and complex. And unlike many other hidden object games, this one asks you to pay close attention to every detail as well as to measure the space between what should be there versus what isn’t! Full of black and white drawings, Hidden Folks was carefully constructed by an independent Dutch game developer called Adriaan de Jongh. Only upon further investigation does it become apparent that the story has deeper connections – revealing characters and objects throughout the scenes that are hard to find! 


The Ludo game has been a timeless classic from the times of Mahabharat and was one of the most popular games during the pandemic. Online ludo has been a great way to spend time and connect with new people every day. You can even invite your friends and family members to have a great time and beat your opponent. Several platforms organize weekly and monthly tournaments to participate and win rewards and cash prizes.

Rakko Okabe

Playing with a pet of some kind, be it a cat or an otter, has always been fun for people. This is why this game is the best of both worlds in that regard. This game lets you feed a bunch of sea otters and place them in a tub of water to watch them chill (you can unwind because they can’t move around on their own accord). The whole UI and design are also adorable, making this game even more fun to play!

Griidie Islands

Griddle Islands is a single-player game where you drop down pieces of Tetris-like structures that you can later merge to get points and money per level – it’s a great way to see if your logical thinking is up to the challenge! This level-based game has no specific starting point and allows anyone playing it at least the basic level of intelligence. You can compete with other online players simply by trying to outscore them regarding the number of coins earned or using friend requests with Facebook.

Kami 2

Kami 2 is a simple color-focused puzzle game based on the Japanese art of origami. It involves you skillfully folding colored origami shapes to fill in a particular area of the screen with just one shade or hue. Unfortunately, various moving obstacles will also make your task harder by complicating your progress – so you need to plan to avoid them as best you can!

My Oasis

My Oasis introduces players to a utopian world with flora and fauna, accompanied by a particular tune. Its title demonstrates that the game is about building an island filled with trees, flowers, and animals. By interacting with the organisms in your oasis via playful musical tones and experimenting with different chords, you can customize your grand garden as desired. To enjoy complete inner peace, put on a pair of headphones for fantastic music that will perforate one’s ears while soothing visuals envelop them entirely!


Drawing mandalas and filling colors in figures is a great way to get rid of stress and anxiety. Moreover, it also helps you channel your inner artist and let the creative juices flow independently. Colorfy is essentially a digital coloring book-based app that you can use to relieve stress. You can choose different shades from a pallet, and your screen automatically fills in the areas depending on your choice. Similarly, adult coloring books are great places to relax and give yourself a mini-vacation so that you’re able to return to the grind of doing errands every day with some peace of mind.

Alto’s Adventure

Embarking on an endless snowboarding journey through the alps, Alto and his friends travel across majestic hills, villages, and woodlands in their quest to reach the Kingdom of Tahiti. With a unique one-button trick system, players will be challenged as they take their snowboarders through the elements of thunderstorms, fog, and shooting stars as they discover six unique locations with various obstacles along the way to unlocking six different snowboarders with special abilities.


In Examiner, you have to mine natural elements on exotic planets to build your mining empire. Your main goal is to expand as much as possible and boost the total value of your assets by setting up new facilities or upgrading them, making sure to keep an eye on supply and demand so you can stay competitive. The app’s design means the player’s attention isn’t under constant strain, and the soothing background music further contributes to gently pushing away stress. Finally, since it’s a real-time game, players don’t need to dedicate hours at a time to be able to make meaningful progress; you only need approximately 10 minutes here and there over a day to see clearly how fast your mini enterprise is buzzing with activity!”


Here are some of the best games for you to play when your schedule is tight and you’re trying to get on top of things. Sometimes it’s perfectly okay to take a break from all your worries, sit back, and immerse yourself in an activity that helps you relax and let go. So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or are finding it hard to relax, try one of these games for the ultimate stress-relief session.

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