Professional Guidelines when Choosing ICP-MS Instrument

The term (ICP-MS) is an acronym for Inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometry. ICP-Ms is one of the mass spectrometry instruments. It uses a couple of plasma to ionize a sample to be studied. This device is used to break down the compounds in the sample into smaller polyatomic and atomic ions that can be detected. The main purpose of almost every ICP-Ms instrument is to quantify the traces of components in a sample. 

Many perfect ICP-MS systems are available and have almost the same specifications. However, finding a suitable ICP-MS or the right parts requires proper understanding. So, how do you identify suitable lab equipment that suits your lab application? There are many fundamentals of ICP-MS, and choosing the right design and quality hardware components is a crucial task. First, evaluate the performance of the lab equipment. It is crucial in the decision-making process. Read below how you can select a suitable ICP-MS System.

1. Consider your needs

Before selecting an ICP-MS system, first, understand your objectives. For example, if you are working as a committee, you must first discuss your objective before the evaluation process. Always have your goals clearly defined. It depends on the ICP-MS application. Do you need an easy instrument that is easy to use, or are you more interested in the instrument’s performance? But if the ICP-MS equipment is being used regularly, evaluate its reliability. Consider the output and analysis cost if you need the lab equipment for commercial purposes. Understanding that every lab scenario is unique, guides you to examine your priorities before buying any equipment. Evaluate your goals based on your lab applications. 

2. Price 

Price is another valid evaluation tip, especially when on a limited budget. Lab equipment must serve you for many years. Therefore, although the device can be expensive, buy an instrument of good quality and durable. Focus more on top quality instead of the cost. 

3. Performance 

Good lab equipment must guarantee you the best performance. This may differ depending on the application. Therefore, the overall performance of the ICP-MS equipment means different things in different lab settings. Consider the samples you’ll analyze to find lab equipment that guarantees the most accurate output. Some of the fundamentals of ICP-MS that can affect its performance include sensitivity, detection ability, sample material, dynamic range, sensitivity, and performance when using the alternative device. Make sure to evaluate different lab equipment to find the best based on its use. 

4. Convenience 

First, you need to determine if the person using the lab equipment has the necessary scientific skill set. Most Ph.D. scientists will find it easy to use lab equipment. However, even a trained specialist may have difficulty using the ICP-MS equipment if the device is needed for a busy workload environment. In such a case, a less qualified person may use the equipment. Hence, ensure to choose lab equipment that is easy to use. Additionally, consider an instrument similar to the other equipment used to identify the trace elements. A convenient and easy-to-use ICP-MS instrument assures you accuracy and saves time.

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