How to Increase Typing Speed Easy Method

Increase Typing Speed

If you want to know that Typing Speed ​​Kaise Badhaye, then you have come to the right place. Fast typing on a computer is very important and it has many advantages. If you are doing a course related to a computer and want to do a job related to computers, then it is important that you get fast typing. Today the computer has become very useful and that is why we see the use of computers in many places.

Today, fast typing is necessary for many jobs.

If you want to learn fast typing for any reason, these tips and tricks will definitely come in handy.

I will tell you many tips and tricks to increase Typing Speed ​​in this post.

Whether you want to increase the typing speed of Hindi or English or both. These tips will definitely work for you.

Typing Speed ​​Kaise Badhaye: So these are some tips that will benefit you.

Sit correctly

The seating method can bring great improvement in your typing speed. If you sit in the wrong way, you will not be comfortable and your hands will not be able to do the correct typing.

A correct position requires that your keyboard is on a flat surface, that is, you place your keyboard on the table. With this, your hands will be able to run well.

It is important for you that you sit on a chair and there is definitely support for your hands in the chair. Similarly, you can do fast typing.

The height of the table and chair depends on your height. You sit in the same position in which you feel comfortable.

Use Good Keyboard

A keyboard is most important for your typing. Your typing speed depends on your keyboard the most after your skills.

If you use an ANSA keyboard whose build quality is not good, whose keys are small, and type slow after writing, then your typing speed may be less than this.

I would recommend you to use a mechanical keyboard. After using a good keyboard, you will be able to see the difference in typing speed yourself.

Understand Keyboard

If you have been using the computer for a long time, then you must understand the keyboard a lot. Meaning that shortcuts, where are the keys, and what is the work of ctrl and shift keys.

But if you have started typing a short time ago, then you will not have the knowledge of keyboard. That’s why you first learn to use every key on the keyboard.

A good keyboard is also necessary for fast typing. For this reason, buy a mechanical keyboard with some money if possible.

Organize Fingers with Keyboard

It is very important to arrange Fingers on the keyboard. You have to arrange your fingers on the middle row of the keyboard i.e. home row in such a way that your fingers come like this.

The shortest finger on your left hand should be on A, followed by the finger S, the largest finger D, and then the finger on F.

The first finger on your right hand is on J, the highest finger on K, then the finger on L and the little finger on; (Semicolon).

And the thing is that both the thumbs should be on the space button.

Read this post for the correct position information on the keyboard of the fingerers: Keyboard Finger Position

Practice Free Flow Writing

This is a very good way in which you can increase your speed.

In this, you have to do that you have to open any writing app (MS Word or Notepad) and type anything. Meaning you have to think and just type anything.

When you practice in this way, there is no need to worry that the spelling is a mistake, forgot to write a word or something is wrong.

You just have to keep writing, no matter how wrong it is. This will also increase your typing speed, increase your focus and you will make the least mistake.

Do not look on the keyboard

It is impossible for a new person to look at the keyboard without typing. But if you have been typing for a while, then try to type without looking at the keyboard.

When you type, you see the keyboard without guessing where that key might be.

It is difficult to do this but only in the beginning. When you do not remember the position of the key, only then look at the keyboard.

This will save your time and you will be able to do fast typing. This will always keep your eyes on the screen and you will be able to see the misspelling words.

In Windows comes a software preinstalled named On Screen Keyboard. This keyboard is used when you do not have a keyboard. This allows you to type with the mouse. But this will give you an idea of ​​which key is where.

You type on screen keyboard in the search of windows and you will find this tool.

Use less mouse while typing

It is necessary for a mouse computer, but we can do some mouse work only with the keyboard.

It happens that we have to read using the mouse while writing so that the flow of our writing gets spoiled and then we have to read the flow of typing.

But if you reduce the use of the mouse while typing, then the practice of your keyboard will be more.

For other tasks, you can use the keyboard with shortcuts, function keys etc. That is why you have to learn about keyboard shortcuts and understand the use of keyboard keys.


Increasing typing speed is not easy but by regular practice you can do this work easily. It takes time for typing speed to increase. Your typing speed will improve gradually.

That is why you keep practicing properly and follow these ips.

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