Get Paid to Give Advice

Get Paid to Give Advice

There will still be surprises when making money online, and today’s version of surprises on the internet discovers that you will Get Paid to Give Advice on things!

If this is your first-time hearing or thinking about this online form of earning money, then that’s all right, as I’m going to teach you a little about it all.

The advice you provide must be of a superior standard, i.e., provide excellent value, because it will actually require a lot of time to make it great for you.

In this post, we’re going to speak about the numerous sites where you can Get Paid to Give Advice

online, and also illustrate considerations that will help you decide whether it’s worth your time to earn money online.

We will first explore how to Get Paid to Give Advice online, before we get into these websites/platforms, and also, a few explanations why you may want to try this line of work.

How to Get Paid to Give Advice?

Choose a niche, and be sure you can walk the talk

You can know that you can provide professional advice before you really want to discuss being Get Paid to Give Advice online. What this suggests is that you have to be a bit of an authority on the niche on which you wish to advise.

Choosing a market blindly to advise on it would be ridiculous since your lack of experience or know-how in the field would be noticed very easily, and you wouldn’t make much money. Make sure the niche you go for is one that you are a specialist or at least knowledgeable about.

There are too many niches to choose from, and dating and friendship advice, job advice, parenting advice, etc. Often, make sure the niche you want to go for is searched after.

I mean, from the few I listed, you can already say that in those directions, there will be a lot of people in the world searching for guidance.

Also, if you’re not positive whether or not your niche is searched after before you settle, you can quickly find out by performing a Web search using Google trends. If you get feedback that many people already giving the same kind of advice, that can tell you that it is a market that is really sought after.

Give them an offer that they can’t refuse

All right, so, you can give great advice on a topic, so what?

The same statements are possibly made by dozens of individuals. Your recommendation gig has to be organized into one that is hard to reject!

Let us suggest that you advise on cooking; you might arrange your gig like this…

Sounds stupid, doesn’t it?

So, it’s a real concern here.

Indeed, many individuals dislike cooking in general.

I remember because one of them is me. But, because of the different measurements, some people dislike cooking. To create excellent cuisine, accurate measurements are quite critical, and many individuals, including myself, dislike this measuring part of cooking.

Ways to Get Paid to Give Advice

Give Advice on The Apps and Brands You Use

  1. Opinion Inn

Opinion Inn provides a room by surveys for individuals to get compensated by offering their opinion. Each survey helps users to provide recommendations on goods and/or brands for which they have had the experience. On their platform, the payout per survey is not defined. They do give a sign-up incentive of $10, though.

  1. Swagbucks

Via simple surveys about products you use in your home, Swagbucks provides exclusive ways to provide Get Paid to Give Advice online. Your account would be awarded points after conducting a survey. How much points they are worth can differ throughout each sample. If a generous number of points is accrued, you can easily redeem them for cash through PayPal or gift cards.

  1. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars honors users by-polls for providing recommendations online. The benefits come in the form of dollars, meaning you don’t have to think about investing in cash or gift card points. These surveys would be about shopping, trying new products, recent political affairs, travel, and more about your experience.

  1. LifePoint

LifePoint enables users to take quick surveys that change the way companies and firms sell and improve their goods. For any survey done, you receive LifePoint. You will then turn to incentives after collecting a variety of points.

You must be at least 14 years old or older with a valid email address to sign up for LifePoint and begin providing advice online.

Get Paid to Give Advice on The Products You Test

  1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie allows you to use your voice and give advice to their products’ future customers. You will take a survey after you have tested products from brands to help brands create better products. The survey is your way of connecting brands to customers and providing them with accurate information to build awareness of their brand.

Survey Junkie pays virtual points to testers, which can then be exchanged by PayPal or e-gift cards for cash. The site requires users to be 16 years of age or older. In my full review of Survey Junkie, you can learn more about the company.

  1. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Analysis encourages customers to provide recommendations on goods that are up and coming. You will evaluate the items for yourself, offer input, and give advice about what you did or did not like about the object. Companies pay for a truthful impression of you.

With Pinecone Analysis, for each piece of advice you offer, you receive points. They will trade these points for cash or gifts. To consent to their membership agreement, you must be 18 years old or older with an active email address. In my complete Pinecone Research analysis, you will learn more.

  1. Vindale Research

Vindale Study is an agency that is searching for market feedback for commodities. Via their survey opportunities, you may offer advice online. You get charged through PayPal after completing the surveys. No points have to be translated into cash.

As long as they are at least 18 years old, nationals of the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada are permitted to sign up for the web as a customer.

  1. Product Testing

Product Testing is supposed to give you sample things to check out in the mail. Afterwards, you get reviews from your online account on your experience. To ensure that the items they give you to try are important to your lifestyle, this business invites you to take a survey beforehand. To register, members of the site must be at least 13 years old and must live in the United States.

Get Paid to Give Advice on Online Forums

  1. Just Answer

As an “Expert” on the forum, Only Response helps you to advise. Your experience can support everyone else, from lawyers to medical professionals to mechanics and more. Becoming a specialist is a two-week phase that involves the qualifications to be checked by an application and background search. Through PayPal, experts on Just Answer get paid.

  1. Quora

Quora is a partner network in which users are paying to pose questions and give answers/advice to questions asked by others. You have to get an invite to participate, so being an involved contributor to the forum is the easiest way to do so.

Give Advice as a Chat Agent

  1. Needle

The needle is another platform that includes the ability for chosen applicants to live chat with clients to help them choose the best items. The payment structure is set up to award you with points redeemable at Needle’s online shop for your advice. You must be 18 years of age or older to qualify for the Needle application.

  1. Arise

Arise is an online portal that enables you to offer advice to earn money. As a live chat user, helping others get answers to their concerns, you can have your own company at home. Find a category in which you are involved or have a bit of comprehensive experience to become a help individual for those on Emerge.

  1. Site staff Chat

Site Staff Talk is a special business that employs people from home to work and gets paid to provide advice. Through this business, being a chat host connects you with clients. The job of the chat host is to build emotional consumer relations so that you can dig deeper into their needs.

Other Platforms to Make Money Giving Advice

  1. Live Advice

Live Advice is certainly the right choice for you if you are a specialist in personal coaching, and you want to offer life direction and financial advice. Searching for expert advice, you can reach millions of clients from all over the world. To make money, you can sell them your advice.

To start working with this business, all you need is a phone. And before you start operating, you can fix your own hourly rate after building a free account. Your billing and client details will be taken care of by the company.

  1. Ask Ables

Are you shying away from the chance to offer advice and raise money because on the phone you’re not happy talking? One such website is Ask Ables, which offers the opportunity to write the answer to any question and earn cash. Four separate types of expertise are open, i.e., contributor, helper, specialist, and top expert.

You will also get your share of the revenue produced from advertising, in addition to the fixed payment of up to $15 per comment. Whenever you want, you can withdraw your earnings easily through the linked PayPal account.

  1. Keen

During the last few years, Keen has experienced an outstanding surge in their popularity. It has earned its mark in the consultancy industry as one of the highest-paying websites. You must, therefore, have the recommendations by telephone calls with their customers.

You can configure your own per-minute cost for phone advice after building an account in a few quick measures. Also, any time you get some call directly from a customer searching for an in-depth answer, you would gain 62 per cent in profits. Via PayPal or direct wire transfer, you will remove your earnings.

  1. Live Person

Live Individual acts as media contact between specialists in different fields and people who are searching for different solutions. If you have some experience in a specific area, then via this special network, you will make rather a decent amount of money. This platform automatically pairs the query on that particular topic with the expert.

On this website, you first need to build a free account. You may remotely navigate different helpful resources on the dashboard of the website after gaining final clearance. Anyone may access this web, as the website sends payments from PayPal, regardless of venue.

  1. Bit Wine

If you want to become an online tip-giver and raise money, Bit Wine is definitely one of the most reliable websites. This blog, however, specializes in psychic guidance. If you have some astrology, palmistry, parapsychology, Reiki, tarot card interpretation, or possible storytelling expertise? The best choice for you, then, is this website.

From job to loving life, almost every question a customer asks you can be replied. You may provide text messages or, through video chats, provide one-to-one therapy. You will have the right to pick your own hourly wage on this website.

  1. Web Question Answers

Web Query Answers is one such platform that offers you an incentive without any cut or commission to receive 100 per cent revenue from advertising. You need, though, to have your own AdSense Publisher account on this platform that you may link with your profile. And from that, the net ad profits would go straight to your AdSense account.

It is one of the best ways to offer any content developer or technical writer an outstanding opportunity to put a signature on the forum. You do, though, need to post nothing but original material to bring the full interest of the public to your posts.

  1. Experts 123

There is one issue for those of us who like to support people — where can I sell my advice? Turning your advisory expertise into money really isn’t easy, even though you’re a genuine expert in every area. And for that cause, by answering questions from their customers, Experts123 is now offering you a chance to earn money.

Questions may be on everything, from goods to various issues. For anyone of these, you need to write comprehensive responses, ideally between 350 and 600 lines. You may gain up to $20 per response that receives acceptance. You will remove your earnings directly from PayPal once a month.

  1. Help owl

. Support Owl collects diverse requests from a large user base, starting from extensively technical to only awkwardly childish. And with that, they are still searching for practitioners who can offer support and address certain queries. What you need is to look for your genre-related inquiries and then react appropriately to those.

This website won’t provide direct cash rewards; however, for each of your responses, it will award you some points. For cash prizes, you will exchange these points. To purchase products from their online shop, you can also use certain loyalty points.

  1. Weegy

If you want to sell your expertise online, then Weegy is certainly one of the websites in this area that pays the best. This community-based expert framework operates to answer its users’ diverse queries. It also has an AI-enabled chat service that, by evaluating previous responses, automatically solves problems.

On this site, you can earn about $0.2 per response. Through your related PayPal account, you may directly withdraw your earnings. You need to make at least $20 before you can lift a withdrawal request, though.

  1. MyLot

MyLot has made its reputation among the participants of the forum for getting one of the largest boards of debate. It’s not only a question-answer hub; it’s also an online hangout spot for nerds and a writing group. But the great thing about this site is that the responses are compensated for.

You will chat with fellow participants directly and address the questions they place on the general message forums. And you’ll earn money for each response. The sum you create will depend on the query’s complexity level.

  1. KGB

By offering suggestions, there are opportunities to raise income. And working for the KGB is one of the strongest of them. It is one of the world’s leading independent distributors of assistants. You can pick almost every genre you like when operating on this website, ranging with information service to the customer support field.

The KGB was established back in 1992, way back. And it has preserved its trustworthiness amongst its users since then. They are the largest directory aid provider working in the United States right now. Up to $0.1 per response is currently charged through this website. 

  1. Out Plex

Out PLEX, formerly known as Talk2Rep, is now attracting excited individuals from the United States to join their squad. This business focuses mostly on customer care, but they are still finding their way in the area of the information process. Through submitting your revised resume, you can conveniently link to this page.

To enter this network, you must have good communication ability. Besides, with 95 per cent precision, this organization needs you to have a typing pace of at least 30 WPM. For answering consumer questions, you will receive as much as $14 per hour.

  1. Live Pro

As one of the major players in the information process industry, LivePro has gained its credibility. And instead, to join their squad of customer service agents, they recruit freelance members. Before they actually begin solving their clients’ queries, they provide extensive training to all their independent contractors.

As a part-time task, you should take this risk and can function according to your own time choice. Your experience and listening ability would rely on the final hourly wage. They are just recruiting freelancers from the United States right now.

  1. Maven

If you want your advice to be sold online? You should then pursue Maven, which allows you the option to choose your own hourly wage before you really start working with them. It largely specializes in supplying its clients with responses. So, you may join their team of freelancers if you can compose immersive responses.

Only if you are a permanent resident of the USA may you join this platform. In any area of your choosing, you need to have a good experience, but it may not require any special academic credentials.

  1. Weebly

Weebly is one of the most trusted solution sites for consumer support working in the United States. They are providing part-time jobs right now to ambitious persons with exceptional leadership abilities. As a freelancer representative for this agency, you will operate up to 25 hours per week.

The other catch is that to get a job here, you need to be based near Arizona. This is because, before you can really start working with them, you need to undergo on-site training there. Depending on your experience, you can receive as much as $17 per hour. 

Independent Ways to Get Paid to Give Advice

  1. Start an Advice Blog

Many bloggers out there specialize in certain niches where they can provide online advice. Parenting, fashion and makeup, fitness and wellbeing, dining, and more are among these niches.

  1. Start a Consulting Business

Try having your own consultancy company and helping those seeking to establish their own business if you have the experience and skills in a particular field. To be called a professional, you don’t have to be a doctor or a judge. When you deliver your skills, your years of experience in sales, infant growth, cooking, crocheting, etc. will become lucrative.

  1. Create & Sell Online Course

You should also build a step-by-step course for anyone to take, in addition to writing a novel. There are several options for you to offer your guidance online and a lucrative angle is to build an online course.

  1. Publish an eBook

You did everything to get people to question you, “Why did you do it?” Support me, would you? What steps have you taken? This would be a perfect chance to refer them with those exact responses to a book you’ve published.

  1. Become an Online Counselor

You will bring it to use by being an online counsellor if you have formal education in the counselling sector. By offering recommendations online, you will be more open to consumers. Chatting, video calls, texts, and text messages will hit counsellors. For clients who do not wish to quit their own residences to attend appointments, and online counsellor is perfect.

  1. Become a Financial Adviser

Consider providing your experience in an online capacity and guiding your customers about financial progress if you are in the area of finance. There is no need for in-person meetings because you are accessible via texts, video calls, and live online messaging in an online form. Except easier and you can do so from the convenience of your own house, receive the same money you will be earning in a workplace.

  1. Start an Advice Column

When you have your own organization and a forum, try incorporating a column of guidance to engage your community. For instance, your advice column might teach prospective buyers on how to apply for housing permits or how to select the correct paint colors for your kitchen if you are in the home improvement sector.

Why Giving an Advice Is an Excellent Way to Make Money?

  1. It’s quick to get underway, and normally doesn’t need money or much of it.

This is one of the easiest means of earning money online. When you’ve got the role of being a subject specialist down, you’re free to go.

Let’s assume that in terms of doing all the hard lifting of starting an online group, tweeting, guest posting and stuff like that, you don’t worry about all that jazz; you can simply sign up with one of these top websites that we’ll be addressing shortly, and get acquainted with customers.

  1. In no time, you will make more than a significant amount.

Nope, this isn’t a fast get rich-plan, but you can set your coaching fees as big or low as you like until you have put yourself as an authority, and people trust you.

  1. The revenue is extremely sustainable.

It’s not a one-time gig or suggestions of any sort. Once you’re seen as somebody who has stuff, you’ll be in business for a long time, my mate.

Individuals in industry and elsewhere are still on the hunt to better themselves; thus, paying for useful guidance on their efforts would never get out of date.


­­­­­­­ The way to go in 2020 is to make a healthy livelihood online, and if you have not worked out a way to earn additional money off-site, then you just need to up your earning game. It is simple to get paid to provide advice today, and you can get a decent head start from the websites mentioned in this post.

To discover more of these sites where you can get paid to provide guidance, you can also do your own analysis. Most of those mentioned here have been tested by me, and I was quite satisfied with the findings.



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