Portable Interactive Whiteboard
Portable Interactive Whiteboard is designed for the Perfect User Experience, Faster Calibration Setup, Seamless MultiTouch Integration, and Outstanding Data Interactivity. It is based on pioneering Visual Touch optical tracking technology, which incorporates faster simultaneous touch event & gesture recognition capabilities. Furthermore, each device comes bundled with a comprehensive Interactive Whiteboard Suite and Multitouch Applications, which provide you the delight of a completely Natural User Interface System.
1. World's Smallest Interactive Whiteboard System.
2. Industry's Largest Interactive Surface Area Capability (>160").
3. World's First and ONLY Multi-Touch Portable Interactive system.
4. World Leader & Multiple Patent Holder in Cost-effective Surface- Independent technology.

1. Weighing less than 300 gms, EyeRIS can be easily put into a carrying bag. You can effortlessly carry the entire interactive system wherever you go.

2. World's Smallest Interactive Whiteboard System with dimensions of just 3" X 2" X 1.5".


1. Supports interactivity on both hard and soft screen of any size up to 160".

2. Largest Interactive surface area in the industry.


1. Convert any surface you project on like a WALL, Table, or even the LCD panels/Monitors into a Touch-Screen interactive surface.

2. No device attached to whiteboard/projection surface & thus no cable between whiteboard/projection surface and PC/signal receiver.


1. Adopting unique optical position detection technology, it features with high resolution, fast responding time and agile operation.

2. The ergonomic signal pen provides you the most natural writing feel.

3. Moreover, you also can use the extendable pointer to remote-control the screen.

4. High resolution - smooth drawing & Quick response time within 1 pixels' jitter at 1024X768. – ideal for quick drawing and writing.


1. Simply put EyeRIS on the desktop, or mount it on the ceiling, you instantly have a full set of interactive system in less than 10 seconds.


1. PIWB can save everything on screen to editable file, from every single stroke to the whole teaching process. Your extraordinary moment can become eternity.

2. Advanced Optical Position Detecting Technology supports real-time interactivity under any PC applications.


1. Super fast calibration through inbuilt laser module, entire setup possible in less than 10 seconds

2. In-built memory for remembering last calibration, just needs to be done once.

3. Very accurate tracking achieved by the laser aided 4-point or 9-point calibrations.


1. Prolong notebook PC battery life.

2. No battery required for signal receiver.


1. Unlike other IWB solutions in market, It has been designed to function without being attached to the interactive surface, but rather be front mounted in the ceiling.

2. This prevents the possibility of vandalizing, and acts of damage to the device., common to such devices.

3. Streamlined Design for ideal mounting on both Desktop & Ceiling.

4. Anodized Aluminum casing for Durability & Finish.


1. Superior resistance to ambient lighting.

2. High-Quality Stray IR light cancellation filters.


1. World's first portable MultiTouch Interactive Whiteboard solution.

2. Multiple users can write/interact with the data on the board simultaneously.

3. Zoom, pan and rotate images/videos by Iphone –like gestures with the stylus/pointer E-Pen, for the ultimate natural feel of interaction


1. Extendable Pointer E-Pen and Stylus E-Pen (optional) provide an intuitive and powerful "touch screen" and annotating interface.

2. Pressure recognition feature supports application control via E-Pen tip.

3. E-Pen ready for use any time – user-friendly as a mouse or a pen. Annotation tool bar automatically switches on under the pen mode for applying various annotation functions including colour and thickness of lines, clear, save, and virtual keyboard.

4. E-Pen functions in both touch-screen mode (with pen tip touching the whiteboard screen) and non-touch mode (with pen tip at a distance of up to 10cm from the whiteboard).

5. Two models of E-Pen – stylus E-Pen specially designed for writing and annotating; extendable pointer E-Pen specially designed for presentation on large interactive screen.


1. Specially designed for interactive teaching and presenting, it's software powerful yet easy-to-use tool that brings your lesson and conference to life.

2. With this Software, you can easily create a colorful courseware that capture students' eyes; you can decorate your lesson with dynamic multimedia elements and unlimited resources from our Resource Library; you can use various tools to show your ideas effortlessly; you also can save the whole teaching process and share with others.

3. Simple and user-friendly software enables annotations and writings to be recorded and replayed stroke by stroke.

4. All annotated applications can be saved for further review, printing, and e-mailing.

5. Supports soft-pen effect writing, spotlight and screen shade features.

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