Magic Box (Portable Interactive Whiteboard)
Magic Box is a powerful user-friendly and portable desktop solution which will transform your classroom into a dynamic interactive learning enviornment.
In conjunction with a projector and notebook or PC with Magic Box, any wall or table can be converted into an electronic and interactive virtual white board. Magix Box can be taken anywhere and easily deployed and is fixed mounted compared to interactive panels is also much cheaper.
Turn any surface or wall into intractive projecting screen.
Write on the any surface.
Easy-to-use and portable.
Works with both long throw and short throw projectors.
Movement Detection Technology Infrared
Active Area (max projection size) 150 inch diagonal
Active Area (horizontal angle) 33 +/- 2 degrees
Active Area (vertical angle) 0-30 degrees
Calibration Technology Infrared Positioning
Ac tive Distance (from projection screen) 1.5 to 5 m (for Short Throw 0.3 - 0.5m)
Connectivity Interface 1 x USB Cable (up to 16 m)
Power Requirement 4.5 ¨C 9 W (from USB port)
Connectivity Interface 1 x USB Cable (up to 16 m)
Stylus E-Pen
Movement Detection Technology Infrared LED
Wave Length 850nm
Power Requirement 3V (2*AAA Batteries)
Pen Body Dimension 13cm (length); 1.8cm (diameter)
Weight 43g
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